Goddess Aqua & Blue Mosaic Tealight Burner

Goddess Aqua & Blue Mosaic Tealight Burner

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Add a little sparkle to your home with our Aqua & Blue Mosaic Tealight Burner.

Height - Approx 13cm | Width - Approx 11cm

How To Use: 
Place your soy melts in the top of the glass dish and a tealight candle underneath to warm the wax. Wait for the beautiful fragrance!

Use at least 2 squares from a 6 pack or 2 single melts.

How To Change Your Melts: Over time, soy melts lose their fragrance so when it's time to change your fragrance - follow these simple steps to safely remove the wax.

1. Place a tealight candle underneath and wait approximately 1 minute for the wax to start heating up. 
2. Use a tissue or paper towel to handle the wax. Allowing the wax to heat up, makes it a lot easier to handle and remove.
3. Wipe out your glass dish and it's all ready for your new fragrance! 

NEVER use a knife or any other sharp object to remove the wax while it is set.
This will cause the glass dish to crack and we will not replace for misuse.

overfill your burner. Always be mindful of how much wax you are place in. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

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